LED headlamps continue to be popular in the driver’s view is a hidden danger

Car headlamps into a lot of high-tech, such as BMW’s laser headlamps, with LED headlamps, and so on, not only can adjust the brightness of the light source, but also to achieve the light irradiation range of free follow, in the corners, passing during the implementation of part of the function.
However, without these configurations of LED headlamps, the intensity of such exposure is a hidden danger in British union organizations.
LED headlamps
In January, the American Highway Safety Insurance Association (Insurance Institute for Highway SAFETY,IIHS) in the annual Safety Model consignments pointed out that the headlamps are very important, such as the Prius near-light lighting range than the BMW 3-series is also superior.
However, the Sun reported that research by the RAC (Royal Car Club) showed that many drivers were being swayed more and more because they were getting more and more equipped with LED headlamps.
1/6 of the drivers had the blinding effect of coming into the car and almost had a car accident. 2/3 of drivers said they were often dazzled by the passing.
Most people even agree that, now, they usually take 5 seconds to see again after passing. In other words, if the speed is 60mph, the reaction distance is as high as 134 meters.
It is reported that the trade union has set up a group to carry out in-depth research on the issue of headlights too bright, some of the experts involved, said that the continuous popularization of LED lights may be an important reason.