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Piston, bottom valve, rod guide made by powder metallurgy technology.Using fe-c-cu powder, the mould is pressed, sintered and machined.

Piston Features:

The piston and the bottom valve mainly provide damping for the shock absorber ,rod guide mainly guide for the movement of piston rod.

Technological process: mixing powder – forming – sintering – cleaning -Steam treatment – Bending-Press bushing-Appearance inspection, packing

Mixing powder: Fe – C – Cu powder by high density sieve to remove impurities, automatic blending machine 360 ° rotating more than 4 hours, make the material mix evenly

Molding: precision mould with automatic CNC hydraulic press to ensure the density of all parts meet the process requirements after pressing.

Sintering: the product is controlled by the net belt type sintering furnace, which ensures the mechanical properties and hardness of the products to meet the technical requirements.

Oil immersion: place the product in a high pressure vessel so that the oil can fully penetrate into the product’s pores and avoid the rust of the later cycle.

Plastic: precision mould with full automatic CNC hydraulic press, the product density and mechanical properties are further improved after pressing, and the dimensions meet the requirements of the drawing.

Machining: finish the hole, groove and other details of the product.

Cleaning: the mesh belt adopts ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove impurities and iron filings.

Steam treatment: the product is treated by steam in the electric furnace, which improves the mechanical properties of the product, and the surface oxidation layer helps to prevent rust.

Packing: the piston is covered by a fully automatic numerical control machine covering the PTFE lubrication belt.

Press bushing: pressed into DU bushing.

Appearance inspection, packing.

Piston Specification


Product Details
Product NamePowder Metal Sintered Part for Shock Absorber
Material(MPIF 35) FC-0205 (DIN 30910-4) Sint C10, Fe, Balance, Cu 1.5-3.9%, C 0.3-0.6%
Density6.4-6.9 g/cm3 after steam oxidation
Hardness60-115 HRB, loading 1 kN, diameter of ball 1/16″
Surface TreatmentSteam oxidation, 2 hours, Fe3O4: 0.004-0.005mm, degree of oxidation 2-4%
Unspecified ToleranceISO 2768 – m / H14, h14, +- IT14/2
ApperanceNo crumbling, cracks, exfoliation, voids, looseness, metal pitting and other defects
Process FlowPowder mixing – Forming – Sintering – Oil impregnation – Sizing –
Ultrasonic cleaning – Steam oxidation – Oil impregnation – Final
inspection – (+ DP4 bushing / +PTFE band) Packing
ApplicationFor automobile, motorcycle and bicycle shock absorber
Our Advantages:1. More than current 3000 moulds ,save your mold cost
2. ISO/TS 16949:2009 certificate
3.Competitive price
4.Strictly quality control capacity of APQP、FEMA、MSA、PPAP、SPC

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